Friday, February 17, 2012

Thirty Day

So, there's a 30 Day Challenge running over at the R3 forum... and it finally occurred to me, about 60% of the way in, that some of these might not go too far wrong here at the blog as well.
Images are linked to their respective forum threads, for context.

Word ["Zaftig"]


Doodle ["Do or Die"]

Family Picture

Favorite Fairytale Faerie Tale


Turning Point

TV Show

Favorite Animated Character Animator, Caricatured

Book Character

Favorite Place

Favorite Food


Unknown said...

re: favorite place

You don't really have your computer at eye level do you? Blowing air and making all that noise near your head?

Gnabbist said...

Well, my avatar is a lot shorter than I am. And the airflow from that system unit exits to the right, behind the other system's monitor. Also, I can hear every computer fan in the room anyway, regardless of its position...

Ian B said...

I love the "favourite place" one. The Gnabbist-in-his-nerve-centre vibe is a delight :)