Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gold [detail]

Here's a closeup of the previous image, with somewhat more SFW costuming.
Click on the image for an EXTREME closeup (1500x1500.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


A demo of a "gold" surface setting, using just a "DAZ Studio Default" shader:

This uses a fairly simple recipe:
  • Diffuse Color: [ 153, 94, 51 ] at 100% strength. When you use gold paint on a stage prop, a brown undercoat helps it "pop" better, so I figured it might be a good base color here. 8^D*
  • Glossiness: 75% -- a medium-sized specular highlight.
  • Specular Color: [ 238, 221, 102 ] at 95% strength.  A slightly greenish, desaturated yellow.
  • Ambient Color is zeroed out -- don't need any glow-in-the-dark effect here.
  • Bump is 100% of a -0.015 to 0.015 range -- fairly gentle. I use a sandy/gritty texture, such as TarmacTiled.jpg by Fran Baker, from her gallery at ShareCG.
  • No Displacement or Normal Map.
  • Reflection Color: 255, 238, 136 at 91.7% strength.  A desaturated orange-yellow.
Everything else is left at default values.

Lighting for this scene consists of only two lights: one spotlight at 75% intensity, creamy off-white in color, with raytraced shadows, and an UberEnvironment light, for simulated ambient illumination with non-directional occlusion shadows.  A suitable topic for a future post....