Sunday, November 27, 2011


"I kept a wary eye on my customer. Among my people, the cunning of the Humans is legendary. Especially their females."

This was done for the annual Noir Jam at R3, held in honor of Vlad Fiks.  Along with the Noir genre, another of his areas of expertise was retro sci-fi, so I blended a bit of both for this image.

That's Tracy again, one of my repertory company of actors.  I promise, the bobbed hair is temporary-- we only shortened it in CGI... 8^j*  Across the table is a Daz Sea Dragon, wearing a spacesuit made from a Daz Spuggles character-- perhaps an ominous sign.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Line-Up [alternate]

Now that's what I call a Magic Mirror...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Line-Up

Here's a line-up featuring three ladies from the Central Casting department at my studio: Magenta, Susan, and Tracy.  Although I've muddled the measurement function somewhat with the poses, hair, and camera angle, you can get a fair estimate by sighting between the top of each figure and her reflection. On the left, we have the standard Victoria 4 height of about five feet, ten-and-a-half inches. Our cheerful vehicle operator is around five foot seven, while the 1960s-esque blonde bombshell tops out at pretty much exactly five foot nuttin'.

Susan's basic proportions, although obviously dependent on some of the zaftig settings provided by the Morphs++ package, are otherwise remarkably straightforward V4 scaling tweaks.  Overall scale, 90%; hip, 102%; thighs, 87.5%; shins, 91.5%; abdomen, 90%; upper arms, 87%; forearms, 95%. Using Morphs++ again, her head was scaled up by 4 percent, while her feet and hands were scaled down by 2 percent and 4 percent, respectively. If you want to stick with freebies, Les Bentley's "Show Scale Dials V4" should provide what you need. (Just be sure to read his excellent notes.)

Wardrobe Credits:

Hair and textures are as credited in their respective original appearances. Although I did expand the bun on Magenta's hair, given the Big Hair proclivities of her companions here...