Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lobster Woman vs. Pillbug Man!

R3 Jam: Insect Characters

"Foolhardy isopod! Your multitudinous yet functionally uniform limbs are NO MATCH for the specialized POWER of my CRUSHER CLAW-- and my CUTTING CLAW!"

After another forum member suggested that "Bug Characters" might be more "grammatically" correct, I seized upon that opening to point out that grammar didn't give a fig which noun we were using-- but that taxonomy did!  Thereby expanding the discourse to include the Phylum Arthropoda, and opening up "a whole 'nother can of crustaceans" for my merciless exploitation...

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Anomalous Data

Um, Pasadena, we're seeing some anomalous data in the feed from the rover... Yeah. THAT data. And, along with the image, there appears to be a text message:

"So, is that your Instrument Deployment Device-- or are you just happy to see me?"

This is my second contribution for the R3 Redheads Jam.

Once again, a visual gag, rendered via DAZ Studio. I first posed the girl in mid-air as if she were sitting in a chaise lounge, holding a drink, and amusedly regarding something off to her right. Naturally, I then proceeded to BUILD a chaise lounge, and a drink, and a bangle, and so on... and finally stumbled upon a suitable "something" in the Google 3D Warehouse, courtesy of Alvaro. The weird skydome texture is from an old landsat photo snagged offa the internet years ago; not sure where that was originally from. Hair by Kozaburo again. One of these days I should learn how to use Omnifreaker's shaders to speed up rendering on more modern (read: complex) hair props, to where my aged PC can handle them; but, for now, the simpler stuff still works well.

And now, in an attempt to maintain this blog's R rating, some gratuitous nudity:

This image used a more sophisticated lighting rig, to get the shadows Down There to work properly. Also, a fairly aggressive wide-angle lens, for artistical distortion effects. Ooooohhh...! 8^j*

Here's a closeup of the actor's "amusedly regarding" expression (from an earlier render):

And finally, while I had the location available (so to speak), I couldn't pass up one touristy scenic snapshot. Plus, after manhandling DAZ's Millennium Environment terrain into the scene, I needed to showcase that work a bit.

I'm also rather pleased with how my modest little lighting rig helps harmonize the colors of the image here. Not bad for three fill lights and one shadow caster.