Saturday, September 04, 2010

Anomalous Data

Um, Pasadena, we're seeing some anomalous data in the feed from the rover... Yeah. THAT data. And, along with the image, there appears to be a text message:

"So, is that your Instrument Deployment Device-- or are you just happy to see me?"

This is my second contribution for the R3 Redheads Jam.

Once again, a visual gag, rendered via DAZ Studio. I first posed the girl in mid-air as if she were sitting in a chaise lounge, holding a drink, and amusedly regarding something off to her right. Naturally, I then proceeded to BUILD a chaise lounge, and a drink, and a bangle, and so on... and finally stumbled upon a suitable "something" in the Google 3D Warehouse, courtesy of Alvaro. The weird skydome texture is from an old landsat photo snagged offa the internet years ago; not sure where that was originally from. Hair by Kozaburo again. One of these days I should learn how to use Omnifreaker's shaders to speed up rendering on more modern (read: complex) hair props, to where my aged PC can handle them; but, for now, the simpler stuff still works well.

And now, in an attempt to maintain this blog's R rating, some gratuitous nudity:

This image used a more sophisticated lighting rig, to get the shadows Down There to work properly. Also, a fairly aggressive wide-angle lens, for artistical distortion effects. Ooooohhh...! 8^j*

Here's a closeup of the actor's "amusedly regarding" expression (from an earlier render):

And finally, while I had the location available (so to speak), I couldn't pass up one touristy scenic snapshot. Plus, after manhandling DAZ's Millennium Environment terrain into the scene, I needed to showcase that work a bit.

I'm also rather pleased with how my modest little lighting rig helps harmonize the colors of the image here. Not bad for three fill lights and one shadow caster.

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