Thursday, January 27, 2011


This was my first attempt (4th revision) at sculpting some "conforming" clothing, finished in early December. As usual, I've been a bit distracted with other stuff since, but finally got back to genning up some demo pics for the blog.

Connoisseurs of what is, in my humble opinion, the finest erotic science fiction graphic novel on the web will recognize the "re-imagining" [Hollywoodspeak for "blatant remake"] of Lucy Lastique's original costume-- her remarkably convenient ["SPROING!"] Deltiles.

The set is the "Cliffside" mesh by S L F, smoothed slightly, and with a simple planar UV map applied. Its textures are FranOnTheEdge's RustingGreenishPaint for the diffuse channel (tinted a bit), with ConcreteOldLichened as the bump map.

Our model's hair is, once more, by the indispensible Kozaburo -- this is his second Updo, with a texture of my own trial-and-error devising.

Finally, the brilliantly talented Reciecup created the delectable "Doll" skin texture. Again, I applied some tinting-- although the hue was inspired by her other fantasy characters.

I don't suppose there's an amateur photographer alive who could resist using a naturally-occurring frame in the scenery like this...

Hmm.  It does seem a bit dodgy to apply the term "naturally-occurring" to a virtual universe, doesn't it?  But what the heck, it conveys the idea.

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