Friday, November 19, 2010

Sculpting a Humanoid

Well, this time, the special the DAZ3D folks ran was on their sculpting app-- so I took a break from chipping away at Blender's brobdingnagian learning curve, to start chipping away at Hexagon... Here's the result of running through the documentation's first tutorial, "A Wild Space Creature."

And, for the sake of silliness, here's a render with a sci-fi wall panel texture applied, such as you might see in an old first-person shooter game. This one is from Bogwoppet; his gallery on ShareCG is well worth checking out, especially his rendered backdrop images.

I haven't tried rigging this for posing; that's a while 'nother kettle of tutorials, and I rather suspect that a bit more planning and tweaking are required to build joint areas into the mesh so that they'll bend reasonably. But still, this app is impressively productive, right out of the gate.

Amusing footnote: these are the first renders I've posted in which all the meshes, apart from the two square-plane stock primitives, are of my own construction. Gettin' dangerous... 8^D*

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