Wednesday, October 27, 1999

1999 Halloween Jam

Here's my contribution to this year's Halloween Art Jam.

Naturally, lack of time (and my faulty memory) ensured that I left out some of our artists' alter-egos and companion characters. Here are the ones who did overcome those obstacles, listed in (more or less) left-to-right order:

Brimstone ... the critic, borne by two of his amazonian lovelies ... FNmagic ... Random, accompanied by his character Heratic ... a "cleverly" disguised spambot ... WolfPup, with his character Mistress Cyn ... my Gnabbist avatar (who has assumed a mesomorphic shape for this party) ... JNG's "Nathan" alter-ego (about to savor his coffee) ... some guy in the window, wearing a blank false face and a robe made of some high-tech bi-color fabric (Note: this is not a sanctioned avatar) ... the construction worker from my site ... Degem (on the railing), thinking about preparing some pumpkin pie ... itieu, (at the window), behind an 8-ball ... Ryoko, accompanying Ryoko's Toy ... JamNut

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