Friday, August 27, 1999

Welcome Back, Imaginos!

Welcome back, Imaginos! Before your move, you asked about the possibility of a Lara or a Leeloo picture. Well, since you didn't specify an exclusive or (heh heh)-- here are both of them, just after a shipping crate has broken open.

gnll4i00.jpg - Sketch, grayscale; L & L & whatever that thing is. In response to an Imaginos request. (Albeit a delayed response...)

My usual 2-pixel-paintbrush "pencil" sketch, although I did resort to using separate layers for the ladies. I expect I'll color this, after a bit more cleanup. Still, I couldn't resist posting the sketch version-- before I crush the life out of it reworking it, very likely... (Kidding, but not quite kidding.)

Gee, I could have sworn I ordered an andro-erotic life form, not a gyno-erotic one...


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