Sunday, August 29, 1999

WolfPup takes a Bite out of Spam!

Back when WolfPup was first designing his alter ego, he graciously invited us pen-&-ink types to have a try at rendering the big guy. Here's one result.

Hope you don't mind, 'Pup, but Mistress Cyn, uh, "suggested" that she should accompany her favorite lycanthrope. And I sure wasn't about to try to tell her no! 8^D*

Technical notes: As usual, it's direct-to-digital, via cheapo PC, Wacom tablet, and Photoshop.

I discovered yet another old friend hiding in the Photoshop toolset, under an assumed name: a flexible-tip porous-tip pen. Adobe claims it's a pencil, a few pixels wide, with the pressure sensitivity set to vary size. But I know better-- it behaves like the Flair™ pens of my childhood! (When the whole tip was fiber, before Gillette put those stupid white plastic collars on them in the late 70s/early 80s.)

It was great fun inking in the happy couple, whom I had originally drawn with a virtual pencil (narrow Photoshop paintbrush, pressure varying the opacity.) The spambot was virtual fiber-tip pen throughout-- wheeee! This is the truest to my pen-&-ink style I've yet gotten out of Photoshop-- indistinguishable, in fact, from a scan of one of my fiber-tip pen drawings. Uncanny...

Actually, it feels a bit livelier-- more of a sketch-like energy-- thanks to the freeing effect of digital erasers. Bad line? So what? Undo, or use a perfect erase! No clumsy white-out fumbling and glopping.

I decided on a flat area color scheme, for the full cartoony effect. This led to GIF outperforming JPEG, for once. JPEG just gets confused by all that solid color stuff-- it showed hideous artifacts, even with the quality cranked up to where the JPEG's file size exceeded the GIF's.

Still, I used up somewhat more bandwidth than I usually do-- but I'm hopeful that it was worth it. 8^j*


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