Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Step 4 - Clean Up

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Switch to the Channels palette and delete the temporary channel mask you made in Step 1.
Having this channel mask in your file will cause Photoshop to restrict your choices of format later, when you're converting it into a postable .JPG or .GIF file. It won't even allow you a .JPG choice, and it'll use the channel mask to set transparency bits on your .GIF! (Usually hideously.) Merely flattening the layers won't remove it. (It's not a layer, it's a channel.)

This is the sort of thing that will drive you crazy at a quarter past unconscious in the morning, until you get used to using extra channels.

Switch back to the Layers palette. Make sure the Background layer is the active layer.
Next, we'll empty out the background layer, since the info's in your line art layer now.

From under Photoshop's main Edit pulldown menu, choose Fill... Use whatever color you like, at 100% opacity.
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