Sunday, August 15, 1999


For my "Line Art on a Transparency" tutorial.

Gee, folks, I apologize for the relatively *small* size of these files lately-- I think I've been doing images for the web too long...! 8^j*

This is even at full size, just as I drew it, directly into Photoshop. One layer-- now *that's* an odd thing to do for a "layers" tutorial, isn't it? Of course, the point was to show how to take a piece of B&W line art and apply it to a mostly transparent layer, to allow you to color behind it. I used a 2-pixel paintbrush, with the pressure sensitivity set to vary opacity, as a waxy-colored-pencil surrogate. Since I was painting on just the one layer, I used the "x" keyboard shortcut to swap colors between black and white, to have an eraser always handy.

I tried the "big eyes" effect here-- although that always gets my mind's eye picturing the cranial anatomy of small nocturnal primates! Looks like the net effect was a standard toon elf. If I were to point up her ears a bit, she could probably survive the trip over to our sister group, ABPEC.mythical-creatures.

I also see a vague celebrity resemblence, although an "elfinized" one. I'd be curious to hear if anyone sees it, or other ones I haven't thought of. Speculations?

I'm working on a colorized version, to act as a "final result" illustration for the new tutorial. If any of our colorists feel like taking a try, please do. Again, I apologize for the diminutive full size of this image. But hey, if you use my "temporary channel mask" tip to get the gray pixels properly semi-transparent, no problem, right? 8^D*

Seriously, using Image Size with 'Nearest Neighbor' mode would let you double or triple it for more elbow room, without introducing artifacts when you resize it back down with 'Bilinear' or 'Bicubic' mode.


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