Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gold [detail]

Here's a closeup of the previous image, with somewhat more SFW costuming.
Click on the image for an EXTREME closeup (1500x1500.)


wikman said...

Hey - just wanted to let you know that I was once exactly where you are now, running into the limitations in the Daz Studio render engine but having an ambition to crank more out of it.

From here, there are two ways of progressing:
1) Reality2 as a bridge to LuxRender
2) Moving to Carrara or an even more advanced program.

Both will let you make images with a whole other level of realism, light-wise.

If you want a pointer for Daz Studio: Use an HDRI-probe to give the reflective surface some light variation to pick up.

See you around, and have a look at my own blog if you like. Cheers!

Gnabbist said...

Tack så mycket! 8^j*

Someday, when the exchequer will allow for a newer & more capable render PC, I would like to try out an unbiased engine like LuxRender. In the meantime, I have plenty of "painterly" techniques to work on.

On the reflections, I did make sure that there was a complete environment surrounding the scene, so there was something to reflect in every direction. Maybe not something plausible, but something, nonetheless. 8^D*

Oh, and thanks for the nudge on HDR images-- I'm pleased to find that the recent versions of IrfanView can read the .hdr format, which greatly expands the set of available images for plugging into an UberEnvironment2 light, etc. For starters, there's the Smart IBL site, and I'm sure the usual freebie sites have some too.