Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Artist Delurking - thanks Bigboote

Happy Red Lectroid - gn_hrl1.jpg

See what happens when you leave a tutorial sitting out where just anybody can read it? 8^D*

Here's a modest thank you (at least I hope it constitutes a thank you) to Bigboote for inspiring this Photoshop user to get up off his background and exploit some dang layers already! Thanks for the pragmatic advice, the beautiful images, and for helping to establish the remarkably welcoming tone of this group. Nice place you folks have here.

Now, to get the commentary ball rolling:

I could've sworn that the girl's face in the original line drawing was a passable likeness. Somehow (perhaps through the magic of my inexperience at full-color rendering) I ended up painting a pleasant-looking Asian girl with a blonde dye job... (?) Nice, but not what was in the blueprints. Oh well, I'll try for better luck (and better photo references) next time.

Yes, the background (chair & purple void) is a bit of a placeholder. But, given my current lack of rendering speed, and a desire to get something posted before the end of the millennium...

Had way too much fun doing Christopher Lloyd impressions while drawing the Happy Red Lectroid figure. I wonder if anybody passing by the studio could fathom the significance of "Eat your HEARTS out, MONKEY BOYS!" Heh heh heh.


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