Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Jaxtraw was trying to figure out what was going on with the proportions in his sketch of two wrestlers, so I called in two lightly-customized Vicki 4 figures (one-quarter The Girl 4, mostly) and attempted to recreate the poses-- an interesting, but also slow and painstaking process. The conversation came around to what constitutes "stumpy" proportions, so naturally this joke came to mind:

Click on the image to zoom in (960x1440.)

And here's a different camera angle, to show more of the story. These are standard DAZ Studio renders, using the 3Delight engine. One distant light for the setting sun, with UberEnvironment providing the ambient occlusion illumination. There's also an area light behind the big drumhead thing, emulating the light that would be expected to bounce off it in this setup.

Click on the image to zoom in (960x1440.)

Two freebie props used here deserve special mention. The Super Torus from Morphography appears three times-- a wonderfully adaptable item. And the out-of-focus blob in the background (covering the seam between the sky backdrop and the ground plane) is an instance of the aptly-named Versatile Tentacle by Tempest.

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