Monday, September 05, 2011

Fab Gear

I've been rebuilding my rendering setup on a newer machine-- still obsolete, of course, but considerably faster than what I had been using.  As I gradually got the libraries transferred (and, I hope, better organized this time), the "Challenging 60's Fashion Challenge" was the first R3 jam I managed to contribute to.

I reused one of my old lighting sets and cranked it up to (ahem) period-appropriate saturation levels...
"People, people-- listen up. We got an announcement. Stay away from the brown acid, man. It's a bad trip."

Credits, Hers:
She's an instance of DAZ3D's Victoria 4.2, customized for a 60s ingenue effect. (More on this in a follow-up post.) Her skin texture is "Isa," from a DAZ bundle (Aiko 4 Starter Pack, I believe) acquired who knows when. Definitely assists her plausibility. And their "Flip" hair, although designed for a previous generation of Vicki, matched the look well.  JoEtzold's S.H.A.D.O. uniforms and party clothes provided her outfit.

Credits, His:
He's a plain stock Michael 3, also from DAZ3D, wearing the 3 piece suit and "Flat Top" hair they designed for him. I suppose I could have customized him at least a little bit-- but he had just the right doofusy look straight out of the box.

Credits, Setting:
The Wavy Gravy floor pattern is by the brilliantly talented and staggeringly generous Nobiax, whom you can visit at his DeviantART gallery. This is but the slightest hint of the superb textures and models he's released as freebies. (!) That dome is one of my set pieces, wearing its original colors in its five material zones. Dunno if the fact that those were already period-appropriate is disturbing, or merely inevitable... 8^j*

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